Best Bowling Ball Bags

A good bowling ball bag is like a trusted friend – always there to carry your ball and support you through the ups and downs of the game.

Transporting your bowling balls and equipment is simple, with a sturdy-crafted bag designed to protect each item. From shoes, wrist supports, towels, and more – you can be confident that your bowling ball bag will secure all the essential gear needed for success on the lanes. A bowling ball bag may seem small, but it can make a big difference in your game. Don’t overlook the importance of having the right bag for your ball.

Bowling ball enthusiasts, it’s time to get serious about your gear. That’s why our product selection team did the legwork for you and narrowed down the top 10 best bowling ball bags on the market. We didn’t just stop at materials and construction – we also tested for durability and weight capacity to ensure that these bags can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. And, of course, we took a close look at each bag’s design to ensure it provides both form and function.

Top Products:

Shopping Guide:

  • Material: Durability is an essential factor to consider when selecting a bowling bag. The material used in constructing the bag should withstand frequent use and any external factors such as moisture or dust. A bag made from 600D polyester is recommended over nylon as it is more durable.
  • Interior capacity: A larger interior capacity allows for more accessories to be carried, such as extra towels, gloves, and wrist supports. Extra pockets in the bag can help with organization and easily retrieve items. However, larger bags can also be heavier to carry.
  • Straps: Style is also an important factor to consider when selecting a bowling bag. Some bags come with handles and wheels, making it easier to transport heavy equipment. Others have padded and adjustable straps to reduce the impact of carrying a heavy load on the shoulders. A cup-like design that holds the balls in place and absorbs impacts is recommended to protect the balls from damage.
  • Bottom design: The bottom design of the bowling bag is crucial in protecting the balls from damage during transportation. A cup-like design that holds the balls in place and absorbs impacts is recommended. It helps to ensure that the balls remain securely in place and protected from any external factors that could cause damage.
  • Handles and wheels: The handles and wheels of a bowling bag can make it easier to transport the bag, especially when it is heavy. It’s important to choose handles and wheels that are comfortable and durable, as these features will be essential for regular use. Some bags come with telescoping handles that can be adjusted to different heights, making pulling the bag over different surfaces easier.
  • Price: When choosing the perfect bowling bag, the cost is a critical element to consider. While some bags can be more expensive, a comfortable and durable bag within budget can be found between $50 to $150. Choosing a quality bag can help protect expensive equipment and ensure that it lasts many years.

Best Bowling Ball Bags Reviews!

Best Pick
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Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

Best Sturdy Bowling Bag


 Sturdy Wheelbase For Stability

Heavy-Duty Plastic Ball Cups To Prevent Damage

Excellent Fabric Quality For Repeated Use

High-Quality Manufacturing At In Affordable Price


No Bottom Handle to Carry Vertically

The Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag is our top pick because it is a priority choice for bowlers looking for a high-quality and affordable bag to store and transport their bowing equipment. The bag has rubber wheels and a sturdy wheelbase, ensuring stability and easy rolling over rough terrain. Additionally, the high-quality double roller bag is designed to be durable, ensuring that it can withstand frequent use and last for years. The heavy-duty plastic ball cups are another impressive feature of this bag that helps securely hold your balls in place.

The Pyramid Path Deluxe Bowling Bag also provides ample space for all your equipment needs. The spacious interior can easily accommodate shoes, socks, wrist braces, and even spare balls. The heavy-duty plastic ball cups also ensure that your balls remain snug and secure during transport. The side pocket is a convenient feature that allows bowlers to keep their accessories organized and within reach. The fabric of this bag is also of high quality, ensuring it can sustain continuous use and remain in excellent condition.

During our testing, we did observe a minor flaw with the bag’s design. Specifically, we noticed that the bag lacks a handle on the bottom, making it difficult to load onto a car vertically. However, this issue is minor compared to the bag’s impressive features. One of the key features that impressed our team was the sturdy wheelbase and rubber wheels. The bag provides exceptional stability, even when rolling over rough terrain. It is essential for bowlers who frequently transport their equipment from one location to another. The durable double roller bag is designed to withstand frequent use for years.

Staff Pick
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Athletico Kingpin Bowling Bag

Best Lightweight Bowling Bag


Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Microfiber Material To Protect From Moisture

Front Storage Pocket That Provides Extra Space

Lightweight For Transportation


Not Come with A Seesaw Ball Polisher

Kingpin Bowling Bag is an excellent option for a reliable and functional bag for bowlers. The bag is large enough to carry all the equipment, including a bowling ball, bowling shoes, gloves, towel, and other necessary items. The adjustable shoulder strap is another impressive feature of this bag, making it easy to carry and transport from one location to another.

The bag’s center compartment is particularly noteworthy, featuring a foam ball holder that provides extra protection and cushioning for your bowling ball. It ensures your ball remains safe and secure during transport, reducing the risk of damage or wear and tear. The microfiber material used in the bag also protects against moisture, keeping your gear dry and in good condition. Moreover, the bag is lightweight and durable, making it portable and durable under heavy use.

Additionally, the Athletico Kingpin Bowling Bag has a front storage pocket that provides extra space for storing smaller items such as wrist supports or wristbands. Overall, this bowling bag is a great investment for those who want to keep their bowling gear organized and protected. Its numerous features, including the foam ball holder and adjustable shoulder strap, make it a must-have for any avid bowler. Overall, we recommend this spacious bag as it’s designed to hold all your essential equipment in one place, making it the perfect choice for those who want to keep their gear organized and easily transportable.

Budget Pick
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Storm Solo 1 Ball Bowling Bag

Best Affordable Bowling Bag


Adjustable Non-Slip Shoulder Strap

Enough Room Despite The Compact Design

Interior Shoe Pockets

Available In The Affordable Price Range


Average Quality Manufacturing

The Storm Solo 1 Ball Bowling Bag is a great budget option for beginners or casual bowlers who want a durable and functional bag to transport their gear to and from the bowling alley. With its compact size and lightweight design, this bag is easy to carry and provides ample space for a 16-pound ball and other necessary items like towels and water bottles. The bag features an adjustable non-slip shoulder strap, allowing for comfortable carrying, even when fully loaded.

A distinct feature of this bag is the interior shoe pockets, providing extra storage and convenience. These pockets are perfect for storing your bowling shoes separately from your ball, preventing any damage or scuffs. Additionally, the bag has plenty of room, so you can even carry extra socks and a towel.

The Storm Solo 1 Ball Bowling Bag is functional and attractive, with its sleek black design and bold logo. With its unbeatable price tag, renowned durability, and myriad functionalities, this product is a must-have for any aspiring athlete who seeks to take their training seriously without draining their bank account.

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Kaze Sports Deluxe Single Ball Bowling Tote Bag

Best Double Zipper Bowling Bag


 Oxford Nylon For Durability

Double Main Zipper

Front Accessory Pocket For Extra Storage

Different Color Options


Side Pockets Are Small

The Kaze Sports Deluxe Single Ball Bowling Tote Bag is a highly functional and affordable product for bowlers who want to carry their ball in style. The bag is constructed from durable oxford nylon, and its double main zipper makes it easy to access the ball. The two side compartments and front accessory pocket provide ample space for my equipment, including shoes, towels, and other essentials. The front accessory pocket is perfect for storing your phone, wallet, and keys.

One of the most impressive features of this tote bag is the adjustable padded shoulder strap. The adjustable padded shoulder strap ensures comfort while carrying the bag, even over long distances. The polyurethane foam ball cup base offers additional protection for my bowling ball, keeping it safe and secure during transport. In testing, we haven’t encountered any issues with the bag, and its bright color options make it easy to spot among other bags in the alley.

When comparing the Kaze Sports Deluxe Bowling Bag to the Storm Solo Bag, it becomes apparent that it only comes in one color (black). On the other hand, the Kaze Sports Deluxe Bowling Bag offers multiple color options, such as orange, blue, black, and white camo. Despite the difference in color availability, both products are incredibly affordable and serve as excellent storage options for a single bowling ball.

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Brunswick T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag

Best Large Space Bowling Ball


 Economical Bag For Recreational Bowlers

Lightweight For Easy Carrying

Spacious Main Compartment For Max Room

High Quality Material


Average Quality Zipper

Brunswick T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag is a remarkable product that offers functionality, durability, and affordability for recreational bowlers. Our expert team has put this bag through its paces, and we are thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness of its design and the practicality of its features. It is a compact and economical bag that is perfect for carrying your bowling essentials. Its compact and lightweight nature makes it the perfect companion for those who prefer to travel light without compromising the quality of their equipment storage.

The bag’s main compartment is spacious enough to hold a standard bowling ball, shoes, and other essential accessories. Our team found that it could easily accommodate various sizes of shoes, even those on the larger side. This feature is particularly noteworthy as it allows bowlers to have all their equipment in one easily accessible location. The bag’s strength and durability allow it to resist frequent use rigors.

The bag’s exterior is crafted from high-quality materials that contribute to its durability and ability to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The reinforced stitching and robust zippers are designed to secure your equipment, ensuring your investment in this bag is well protected. As expert bowlers, we understand the importance of reliable equipment storage, and the Brunswick T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag delivers in this regard.

So, the Brunswick T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag is an excellent choice for bowlers who want an affordable, durable, and reliable bag. It is perfect for casual bowlers who want a lightweight bag, easy to carry, and spacious enough to carry all their bowling essentials. Its compact size and well-designed compartments make it an ideal option for anyone who loves bowling and wants to keep their equipment organized and protected.

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Storm One Ball Rascal Roller Bowling Bag

Best Design Bowling Bag


Lightweight And Compact Design

Side Pockets For Additional Equipment

Retractable Handle For Easy Rolling

Affordable Price Range


Tight zipper for first 1 to 2 weeks

Storm One Ball Rascal Roller Bowling Bag is a remarkable option that perfectly blends convenience, functionality, and affordability for bowling enthusiasts of all levels. This bag is designed to be lightweight, making it easier to carry and store in your trunk. Its lightweight structure allows for effortless transportation, making it an ideal companion for bowlers who are always on the move and require a dependable bowling bag to accompany them on their various adventures.

One of the standout features of this bag is its ample storage capacity. It easily accommodates your bowling ball and shoes, eliminating the need to compromise on space or leave any essential equipment behind. Furthermore, the thoughtful inclusion of side pockets provides additional storage for personal items such as keys, wallets, and other small accessories.

The Storm One Ball Rascal Roller Bowling Bag is also praised for having the best wheels and retractable handle. This bag’s maneuverability is unparalleled, so you won’t have to struggle with it when you’re on your way to the bowling alley. Our expert team was thoroughly impressed by how smoothly the bag glides across various surfaces, ensuring you can focus on your game without unwieldy equipment burdening you. Overall, this is a great investment for any bowler who wants a reliable, spacious, and easy-to-use bowling bag.

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Ebonite Transport II Double Roller Rolling Bag

Best Handle Bowling Bag


Wide Side Pockets

Long Rolling Handle For Easy Pulling

Perfectly Designed For Additional Equipment

Attractive Look And Design


Wheels Squeaking on Rough Pavements

The Ebonite Transport II Double Roller Rolling Bag is a great choice for bowlers who need a durable and spacious bag. This bag has a length that is easy to grip like a rolling suitcase, making it easy to transport your gear from place to place. The bag is pretty solid and has a pocket perfect for storing accessories.

One of the best features of the Ebonite Transport II Double Roller Rolling Bag is that it can comfortably fit two bowling balls. It is great for bowlers who must carry multiple balls to their matches or practices. The bag also has a long rolling handle that makes it easy to pull behind you, even when fully loaded.

After conducting an exhaustive analysis between the Pyramid Roller Bowling Bag and the Ebonite Transport Rolling Bag, our expert evaluation team has concluded. While the Ebonite bag offers a choice of two distinct colors, the Pyramid Path Bowling Bag boasts an extensive color palette, catering to a wider array of personal preferences.

Furthermore, the Ebonite bag’s wheel assembly has been observed to emit minor squeaking sounds when maneuvered over coarse pavements. In contrast, the Pyramid bag is meticulously engineered to ensure seamless operation on rugged and polished surfaces. Nonetheless, both products excel in their competitive pricing and are exemplary options for securely accommodating a pair of bowling balls and essential accessories and tools.

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Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag

Best Slim Design Bowling Bag


Reinforced Stitching For Durability

Zippered Pocket Flap For Damage Protection

Triple Ball Carrying Capacity

Slim And Attractive Design


No Separate Compartment for Shoes

The Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag is a sturdy and slim bowling bag for tournament players. It boasts reinforced stitching that ensures its durability even after prolonged use. The bag features a zippered pocket flap that keeps your items securely inside while providing easy access to your essentials. The strong handles provide a comfortable grip, making it easy to carry around, even with three balls inside.

One of the most notable elements of the Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag is its affordability. Despite its excellent quality and durability, the bag comes reasonably priced, making it an excellent value for money. Its slim design makes it easy to store and carry around, even in tight spaces.

Overall, the Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag is a great choice for tournament players looking for a reliable and affordable bowling bag. It’s reinforced stitching, sturdy handles, and easy-to-carry design make it a must-have for any serious bowler. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, this bag will meet all your bowling needs. So why wait? Grab your Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag today and take your game to the next level!

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Himal Bowling Bag for Single Ball

Best Shoulder Strap Bowling Bag


Foam Ball Holder For Preventing Damage

Side Pockets For Extra Space

Anti-Slip Bases To Prevent Slipping

Adjustable Shoulder Strap With A Detachable Metal Hook


Not tight fit ball inside

The Himal Bowling Bag for Single Ball is a great option for bowlers looking for a durable and spacious bag to store all their bowling accessories. With enough room for one ball and two side pockets, this bag provides ample space for everything a bowler needs for a successful game. The smooth zipper ensures easy and hassle-free access to the bag’s contents.

The section with foam to keep the ball safe and secure during transport is one of the bowling bag’s unique characteristics. Additionally, the compartment can easily store small things, such as gloves or wrist supports. The bag’s 4 anti-slip bases provide stability and prevent it from slipping or sliding on smooth surfaces.

The adjustable shoulder strap with a detachable metal hook makes it easy to carry the bag comfortably over the shoulder or by hand. The bag appears to be visually appealing, but when a bowling ball is placed inside, it does not fit perfectly, and there is some looseness. However, this looseness does not cause any harm or damage to the ball due to the foam ball holder.

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Papazau Single Ball Bowling Bag

Best Rubber Feet Bowling Bag


 Side And Front Pockets

Waterproof Fabric To Prevent Moisture

Heavy Duty Rubber Feet For Stability

Thick Ball Foam Holder


Average Quality Zipper

The Papazau Single Ball Bowling Bag is a robust and long-lasting option, perfectly suited for transporting your bowling ball and accompanying accessories. This bag boasts a spacious main compartment, effortlessly accommodating a solitary bowling ball and smaller essentials, rendering it an excellent choice for casual and professional bowlers. Moreover, the bag has side and front pockets, offering abundant storage for additional bowling paraphernalia such as footwear, wrist braces, and towels.

One of the standout features of the Papazau Single Ball Bowling Bag is its durable and waterproof fabric. It makes it highly resistant to water damage and ensures that your bowling ball and accessories are well-protected even in inclement weather conditions. The bag also features heavy-duty rubber feet that provide stability and protect the bottom of the bag from wear and tear.

Another great feature of the Papazau Single Ball Bowling Bag is the thick foam ball holder. It ensures that your bowling ball is securely in place and protected from damage during transportation. Additionally, the bag comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that provides added convenience and makes it easy to carry the bag comfortably. Overall, the Papazau Single Ball Bowling Bag is a well-designed and highly functional bag that is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality bowling bag at an affordable price.

Types Of Bowling Bags

Bowling bags come in various shapes and sizes but most fall into two broad categories.: tote-style bags and roller or luggage bags

Tote-style bags

Tote-style bags are designed for beginners and recreational players. These bags typically have one or two compartments and can be carried over the shoulder or by hand. They are often less expensive than roller or luggage bags, making them popular for those just starting with the sport. Tote-style bags are also often more compact, making them easier to store at home or in a locker.

Roller or luggage bags

Roller or luggage bags, on the other hand, are designed for professionals or serious bowlers who need to carry more equipment. These bags typically have multiple compartments and are equipped with wheels and a telescoping handle for easy transportation. Roller or luggage bags are often more expensive than tote-style bags, but they offer more storage space and are designed to protect equipment during transport.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, investing in a quality bowling ball bag is an essential decision that offers numerous advantages, such as convenience, organization, and safeguarding of your valuable bowling gear. A well-designed bag not only streamlines the process of transporting your equipment to and from the bowling alley but also ensures that each item has a designated place, minimizing the risk of losing or misplacing accessories.

Ultimately, selecting the right bowling bag for your needs can greatly enhance your overall experience in the sport. By offering convenience, organization, and protection, a well-constructed bag allows you to focus on improving your game and enjoying the camaraderie and competition that make bowling such a beloved pastime for many. Don’t overlook the importance of investing in a reliable bag – it’s a decision that will pay dividends in the long run, both on and off the lanes.

Brad Finnearty
Brad Finnearty is a passionate bowler and a retired senior who has devoted his life to the sport he loves. With decades of experience, Brad is a well-respected authority within the bowling community. He is a member of several bowling leagues, has competed in numerous tournaments, and has even won a few championships along the way.