Best Bowling Balls for 2-Finger Bowlers

Two-finger bowling is less common or popular than traditional three-finger bowling, but it is still widely used by some bowlers who prefer this technique. It can be especially helpful for those with difficulty using a full grip, such as those with arthritis or other hand injuries. 

Two-finger bowling is a technique in which the bowler uses only their middle and ring fingers to grip the ball instead of using all three. This method can increase accuracy and speed but requires more strength in the two fingers used for grip.

Two-finger bowling balls are not specifically designed for this technique but can be used by bowlers who prefer this grip over a traditional three-finger grip. However, bowling balls are on the market with finger holes spaced closer together, which may be more comfortable for two-finger bowlers. 

After conducting thorough testing and research, our team of sports experts has identified a range of top-performing bowling balls specifically suited for two-finger bowlers. Here are our top recommendations:

Top Products:

Bowling Balls for 2-Finger Bowlers that Fit Your Bowling Style!

Best Pick
Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball
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Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Best Core Bowling Ball


Special For 2 Fingers Bowlers

Provides Excellent Angular Motion

Softer Outer Core To Forgiveness

Excellent Hooking Potential


More Perfect for Dry to Medium Lanes

The Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball is a great choice for two-finger bowlers who are looking for a ball with a lot of control and hook potential.  The reactive coverstock and angular backend motion provide a lot of control, making it easy to keep the ball in the pocket. The ball has a lot of hook potential, making it a great choice for both house shots and sport patterns. 

As two-finger bowlers typically have less power than traditional bowlers, so it is important to use a lighter weight ball. Motiv ball will help you to control the ball better and avoid over-hooking. The softer outer core of the ball contributes to a forgiving feel, making it easier to control and less likely to hook too early.

The Venom Shock Bowling Ball is designed for light to medium oil conditions, making it a versatile option for many players. It provides a predictable arc that helps bowlers to anticipate and adjust their shots, resulting in improved gameplay. With its superior hook potential, the Venom Shock Bowling Ball is ideal for bowlers looking to maximize their power and take their game to the next level.

We tested the Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball and saw that it worked great on lanes with little to medium oil. But, it didn’t do as well on lanes with lots of oil. This might not be the best choice for bowlers who play on very oily lanes often.

Nevertheless, the ball’s design and construction make it a great choice for two-finger bowlers. Its lightweight nature and comfortable grip cater to the needs of those who prefer this grip style. It’s important to consider your bowling environment and playing conditions when selecting a bowling ball, as different balls are designed to perform optimally under specific oil patterns.

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900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

Best Hooking Bowling Ball


Best For Any Skill Level

The S77r Pearl Coverstock For A Nice Reaction

Backend Hook For Angular Motion

Excellent Quality At The Best Price


No Color Option Is Available

The 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball is a fantastic choice for players of all abilities. With its Meditate Symmetric core, it offers a smooth and continuous motion that’s perfect for your unique style. The S77R Pearl Coverstock ensures a great reaction, making it an excellent option for those just starting out in two-finger bowling.

Plus, the ball boasts a backend hook for an assertive angular motion. All in all, this versatile bowling ball delivers top-notch performance for two-finger bowlers everywhere.

One of the best things about the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball is that it performs well on any lane but shines on synthetic lanes. The 1,500 Grit Polished finish helps to keep the ball moving in a straight line until it reaches the end of the lane. The ball is also of average weight, which makes it suitable for most bowlers.

We recently gave the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball a spin and were amazed by its incredible feature – a budget-friendly price! It’s delightful to see that this ball offers fantastic value for money, being both dependable and versatile. Its an ideal for bowlers seeking an easy-to-control ball with a smooth, consistent roll and great backend hook potential. In summary, we wholeheartedly endorse the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball for anyone in search of an affordable, top-performing bowling ball.

Staff Pick
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Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball

Best Quality Bowling Ball


Having Excellent Hooking Potential

Best Choice For Different Styles Of Bowlers

Attractive Design With The Best Performance

Reactive Coverstock For More Traction


Less Curving Motion At The Beginning

The Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball is an excellent product for all styles of bowlers, thanks to its solid reactive coverstock. This material provides more traction, making it easier to handle the ball with minimal effort. One of the most attractive features of this ball is its flip and backend motion, which allows for aggressive and curved reactions, making it a powerful tool for bowlers who want to dominate their opponents on the lanes.

Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball is a game-changer model perfect for experienced bowlers who want to push their limits with aggressive hooking and powerful curve reactions. But don’t be intimidated if you’re a novice – this ball can also help improve your skills and take your game to the next level. Not only does the Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball perform great, but it also looks great with its attractive design. So, this ball will surely be a crowd-pleaser if you’re trying to impress your friends or want to feel confident on the lanes.

When comparing the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball and the Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball, it’s clear that both are excellent options for bowlers who prefer two fingers bowling style. The 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball has a Meditate Symmetric core providing smooth and continuous motion. At the same time, the Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball features a solid reactive coverstock for more traction and aggressive hooking potential. Both balls offer backend motion and can be used on various lane types. Ultimately, the choice between these two bowling balls comes from personal preference and skill level.

Budget Pick
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Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball

Best Affordable Bowling Ball


Gps Navigational Solid Coverstock For Hooking

Heavy-Duty Plastic Ball Cups To Prevent Damage

Provides Best-Blackened Motion

Affordable Price Range


More Suitable for An Expert in Bowling

The Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball with the New Era 149 Symmetric Core is a top-notch product that has caught the attention of many bowling enthusiasts. Its medium flare potential and GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock make it a benchmark motion on medium lanes, providing a nice hook perfect for professionals. The ball’s versatile drilling options allow for customization to different bowling styles, making it a favorite among players who prefer a personalized experience.

The Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball boasts excellent backend power, making it a top performer on the lanes. This amazing feature enables players to easily achieve their desired results, making it a must-have for bowlers of all levels. Even beginners can benefit from this ball’s reliable and high-quality performance as they start their bowling journey and hone their skills.

So, the Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball is an amazing product perfect for bowlers of different skill levels. Its benchmark motion, versatile drilling options, good back end, and power make it a great investment for anyone passionate about bowling. The ball’s best quality and amazing performance make it a must-have for beginners who are just starting and professionals who are looking to enhance their game. Overall, this is a great product that is worth investing in.

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Storm Ice Storm Blue/White Bowling Ball

Best Durable Bowling Ball


 Excellent Durability And Performance

Perfect For Both Experienced And Novice Bowlers

Best For Two Fingers Bowlers

Suitable For Straight Bowlers


Having Average Hooking Potential

The Storm Ice Storm Blue/White bowling ball is an exceptional choice for bowlers of all levels – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro. The easy-to-grip design with just 2 fingers allows optimal control of the ball’s direction and speed, making it a top pick for many bowlers. The 3-piece pancake core and 3500 grit polish work together to provide a smooth and consistent roll, allowing bowlers to execute their shots precisely and accurately. The pearlized polyester coverstock adds durability to the ball’s overall construction while giving it a sleek and stylish look that’s sure to turn heads.

One of the most impressive features of the Storm Ice Storm ball is its versatility. It can be used on any lane condition, making it a great choice for bowlers who like to play on different surfaces. The ball’s pinpointing and hook capabilities also allow for accurate shots and good hit power. For those who prefer to throw the ball straight, the Storm Ice Storm can also be used effectively in this style.

Another major advantage of the Storm Ice Storm is its affordable price point. It’s rare to find a high-quality bowling ball at such a low cost, making it an excellent value for bowlers just starting or looking to add another ball to their collection. The Storm Ice Storm Blue/White bowling ball is a top-notch option with excellent performance, durability, and affordability.

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Storm Trend 15lb Bowling Ball

Best Control Bowling Ball


Provides More Angles And A Sharper Response

Piston Core For Aggressive Reaction

Best Control And Accuracy

Suitable For Different Bowling Styles


A Little Bit Expensive

The Storm Trend 15lb Bowling Ball – a high-performance option perfect for intermediate to advanced bowlers. This ball boasts an R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock, allowing for a smooth glide down the lane while providing enough friction to create a sharp hook at the end of the lane. The Storm Trend is ideal for bowlers who crave more angles and fast responses. Its sleek design and top-notch construction result in an unrivaled bowling experience that will impress.

The ball’s Piston Core is designed to maintain its energy throughout the lane, resulting in a quicker and more aggressive reaction when it reaches the pins. The 1500 Grit Polish finish also provides a consistent and reliable roll every time. This ball is designed for mid-lane reaction with a sharp backend reaction, making it a durable choice that can handle various lane conditions.

One of the key features of the Storm Trend is its slightly lower differential, which allows it to float down the lane more easily. It provides an added level of control and accuracy, making it easier for bowlers to hit their desired target. Overall, the Storm Trend 15lb Bowling Ball is a top-performing ball that offers a range of features to help bowlers improve their game and take their skills to the next level.

Upon careful examination, our team of experts can confidently endorse the Brunswick Igniter Pearl Bowling Ball as a distinguished and exceptional product in bowling equipment. Despite its slightly higher price point than other alternatives, the Brunswick Igniter Pearl distinguishes itself through unparalleled features and performance, ensuring that it’s a worthwhile investment for bowlers at all levels of expertise

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Brunswick Igniter Pearl Bowling Ball

Best 2 Fingers Bowling Ball


Available In Various Colors And Weight

Igniter Pearl’s Smooth Surface For Effortless Glide

Provides Accurate And Smooth Shots

Easy To Handle For Two Fingers Bowlers


Not Have Pre-Drilled Holes

Are you a beginner looking for a great bowling ball that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Brunswick Igniter Pearl Bowling Ball. This ball is a top choice for those who want a high-quality, reasonably-priced option that doesn’t sacrifice performance. It comes in various weights and colors; this ball is perfect for bowlers of all skill levels. Its durable polyester construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of frequent use, while its sleek and eye-catching design will make you stand out on the lanes.

The Igniter Pearl’s smooth surface ensures an effortless glide down the lane and offers exceptional handling. Its reactive nature makes it easy to control, giving two fingers bowlers the confidence to make precise shots. This ball performs as expected, providing consistent and reliable results on the alley.

The Igniter Pearl is an excellent choice for those seeking a spare ball or those joining a bowling league. It is easy to handle, and its colorful design adds a touch of style to any bowling session. Overall, the Brunswick Igniter Pearl Bowling Ball is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced ball that performs as expected and looks great on the alley.

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Brunswick Strike King Ball

Best Quality Bowling Ball


 Excellent For Medium To Heavy Oil Lane Conditions

Provides More Control And Power

Perfect For Novice Bowlers

Durable Quality At An Affordable Price


Not Much Suitable for Experienced Bowlers

The Brunswick Strike King Ball is a perfect choice for beginners who want a ball with good quality and an appealing finish. The ball has a high gloss polish and nice color, making it look sleek and stylish. It is durable and can withstand frequent use, a great advantage for those who bowl regularly.

The ball is designed with a Strike King Symmetrical core, which provides excellent control and makes it easy to handle. It works well on medium to heavy oil, providing a hook just right for beginners. The ball is not too heavy or light, making it easy to control, and it helps the player achieve a consistent roll. The moderate price of the ball makes it an attractive option for those who want a quality product without breaking the bank.

In summary, the Brunswick Strike King Ball proves to be an outstanding option for novice bowlers seeking a ball that is effortless to maneuver and offers exceptional handling. It boasts an attractive appearance with a smooth, sleek design, appealing to many players while remaining resilient enough to withstand frequent play. This ball performs notably well on medium to heavy oil surfaces, providing the ideal hook for novices. At an affordable price, it presents excellent value to budget-conscious individuals seeking a high-quality bowling ball

Key Factors to Consider for Two-Finger Bowlers

If you’re a two-finger bowler, finding the perfect bowling ball can be daunting. No worries, though; we are here to help you out! Let’s look at some of the key factors you should consider when selecting a bowling ball that fits your two-finger bowling style.


The weight of the ball is crucial for two-finger bowlers. You want a ball that feels comfortable in your hand and allows you to maintain control during your approach and release. Generally, you should choose a ball that weighs around 10% of your body weight. Finding the right balance between control and power is important, so don’t go too heavy or too light.

Ball Material

Bowling balls are commonly made of either polyester or reactive resin. Polyester balls are great for beginners or straight shooters as they provide a consistent and straight roll. On the other hand, reactive resin balls offer increased hook potential, giving you more control and power on the lanes. Consider your skill level and style of play when deciding between these materials.

Core Design

The core of a bowling ball affects its overall motion. For two-finger bowlers, a symmetric core design is often a good choice. Symmetric cores provide a predictable and smoother roll, making controlling the ball’s path down the lane easier. As you gain more experience and skill, you can experiment with asymmetrical cores for enhanced hook potential.


The coverstock is the outer shell of the bowling ball that plays a significant role in determining the ball’s reaction to the lane. For two-finger bowlers, a solid or hybrid coverstock is typically recommended. Solid coverstocks provide better control on medium to heavy oil conditions, while hybrid coverstocks offer a good balance between control and hook potential.

Hook Potential

Hook potential refers to the ball’s ability to make a sharp turn toward the pins. It’s important for two-finger bowlers who rely on the ball’s hook to maximize pin carry. Consider your skill level and the lane conditions you frequently encounter. A ball with lower hook potential might be suitable if you’re a beginner or bowl on drier lanes. However, if you’re more experienced or bowl on heavier oil patterns, a ball with higher hook potential will give you the desired reaction.

Remember, personal preference plays a role in your decision. It’s essential to try out different balls and consult with knowledgeable pro shop staff for advice tailored to your specific needs. Good luck searching for the perfect bowling ball, and have a blast on the lanes!

Final Thoughts

Most pro bowlers use a one-handed bowling technique, as it’s the traditional and most common method. However, some professional bowlers have adopted a two-handed approach, which has gained popularity in recent years. The choice between one-handed and two-handed bowling ultimately depends on personal preference and comfort. Our article has given you valuable insights into two-handed bowling, helping you find the perfect model for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to bowl with 2 fingers?

Absolutely, bowling with two fingers is a valid technique that offers benefits. Many bowlers prefer this technique due to its increased control and accuracy, though it does require more strength in the two fingers used for grip.

How can I be a better 2 handed bowler?

To improve as a two-handed bowler, consistently practice to refine your technique and maintain a smooth approach with proper timing. Additionally, strengthen your wrist and forearm for better power and control during your shots.

How can a two-handed bowler get more speed?

To boost speed as a two-handed bowler, focus on building strength and flexibility in your legs, core, and arms. Additionally, perfect your approach and release technique by synchronizing your movements for optimal timing and eliminating unnecessary motions. Regular practice will help solidify these improvements.

Brad Finnearty
Brad Finnearty is a passionate bowler and a retired senior who has devoted his life to the sport he loves. With decades of experience, Brad is a well-respected authority within the bowling community. He is a member of several bowling leagues, has competed in numerous tournaments, and has even won a few championships along the way.