Best Bowling Balls for Women

Bowling is a fun sport for everyone, including girls and women. It’s a cool way to spend time with friends and family. Women’s bowling balls can differ from men’s in weight, size, and design. However, the primary difference lies in the weight and size preferences of the individual bowler rather than a strict gender-based distinction.

Women’s bowling balls typically weigh between 10-14 pounds, while men’s balls usually range from 14-16 pounds. This difference is due to female bowlers’ general physical strength and preferences. Women’s bowling balls may have smaller finger holes to accommodate smaller hand sizes.

Our team of experts has tested various bowling ball models to help you find the perfect match for your bowling needs. After extensive research and hands-on experience, we narrowed the selection to the top 6 best bowling balls for women. Regardless of your preferences, skills, or lane conditions, these bowling balls can help you elevate your game.

Best Bowling Balls for Women Reviews!

Best Pick
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Brunswick Igniter Pearl Bowling Ball

Best Control Bowling Ball


Perfect For Women

Great Ball For Beginners

Provides Best Control And Accuracy

Excellent Quality At An Affordable Price Point


No Pre-Drilled Holes

The Brunswick Igniter Pearl Bowling Ball is an excellent choice for women looking to enhance their bowling skills. With its vibrant range of colors, this ball stands out on the lanes, making it easy to spot and pick up. It is ideal for beginners as it is designed with a durable Plastic/Polyester coverstock that ensures consistent performance, making it perfect for spare shots.

The Igniter Pearl’s remarkable versatility in various lane conditions sets it apart. Whether you’re facing low or high oil patterns, this ball performs exceptionally well. Its smooth and reactive nature allows for easy handling and control, giving bowlers the confidence they need to make precise shots. Additionally, the balanced weight distribution ensures a straight and accurate trajectory, helping to improve overall accuracy and pin carry.

Our team has thoroughly tested the Igniter Pearl, making it an excellent choice for bowlers of all skill levels. It offers impressive features and performance at an affordable price, and its attractive design adds a touch of style to your game. Furthermore, the ball’s ability to generate spin and hook presents an exciting and challenging aspect for players. We are confident in sharing this recommendation based on our hands-on experience.

Staff Pick
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Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Best Striking Bowling Ball


Lightweight For Easy Carrying

Powerful For Smoothly Striking Pins

Amazing For Novice To Intermediate Players

Provides Control And Pinpoint Accuracy


Color May Differ From An Advertisement

The Pyramid Path, Rising Bowling Ball, is a fantastic choice for women looking for a lightweight, easy-to-grip bowling ball. Its attractive design and vibrant colors make it visually appealing on the lanes and perfect for women. With its Symmetric Core and Path Pearl Reactive Coverstock, this ball delivers a benchmark motion on medium lanes, allowing for consistent and controlled throws.

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball offers extensive drilling options for incredible versatility. Whether you prefer a strong hook or a smoother roll, this ball can be customized to suit different bowling styles. Its powerful performance ensures that it rolls smoothly and hits the pins with a strong impact, maximizing your chances of getting those strikes.

It offers a great combination of performance and affordability, making it a smart investment for those just starting or looking to improve their game. The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is also a reliable option for spare shots, providing the accuracy and consistency needed to pick up those pesky corner pins.

Our team of experts conducted thorough testing and discovered that the Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is an outstanding choice for beginner to intermediate players, including women. This ball offers excellent control and accuracy in a variety of soil conditions. While the ball’s color may slightly differ from the advertisement, it does not affect its performance. As a result, it remains a dependable option for bowlers seeking consistent results.

Budget Pick
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Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball

Best Hook Bowling Ball


Controllable Backend At Lanes

Best For All Skill Levels

Excellent Work On Any Lane Condition

Provides Aggressive Hook Potential


 Average For Professional Bowlers

The Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball is an exceptional choice for women seeking a controllable backend on the lanes. Its R-16 Reactive coverstock and bullet core create a winning combination suitable for bowlers of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner aiming for accuracy with straight shots or an experienced player looking to hook the ball, this bowling ball caters to all play styles.

The Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball excels on medium to dry lanes. Regardless of the conditions, this ball consistently delivers an accurate roll, ensuring a satisfying and reliable performance. The great attraction of this ball lies in its nice grip, allowing bowlers to maintain control throughout their throws. Whether you prefer a subtle or aggressive hook, the Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball provides the necessary traction for a successful shot.

The Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball is an excellent choice for bowlers of all skill levels due to its controllable backend, R-16 Reactive coverstock, and bullet core. These features contribute to the ball’s accuracy, grip, and smooth roll, making it a reliable companion on the lanes. By delivering consistent results, the Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball proves to be a worthwhile investment for any bowler.

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Columbia 300’s White Dots Bowling Ball

Best Spare Bowling Ball


Bullet Core For Controlled Roll

Amazing Ball For All Skill Levels

Excellent For Hook

Nice For Spare Shots


Not Too Durable (But Have An Affordable Price)

The Columbia 300 White Dots Bowling Ball is an excellent choice for women seeking a reliable and stylish bowling ball. Its attractive colors will surely catch the eye and make a statement on the lanes. The ball’s bullet core ensures a steady roll and consistent performance. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or a beginner, this ball is designed to deliver impressive results.

It is constructed with a polyester coverstock; the White Dots Bowling Ball offers durability and resilience. This coverstock ensures that the ball can withstand the rigors of repeated use without compromising its performance. The Crown Factory Polish finish enhances the ball’s hook potential and responsiveness, making it suitable for any lane condition. Whether you’re bowling on a dry or oily lane, this ball will adapt and deliver the desired results.

The versatility of the White Dots Bowling Ball is truly outstanding. It excels in spare shots and is ideal for straight-line bowlers. The ball’s excellent quality is evident in its construction and performance, offering reliable and consistent results. The White Dots Bowling Ball also comes at a good price point, making it an attractive option for bowlers looking for quality without breaking the bank.

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Roto Grip Nuclear Cell Bowling Ball

Best Power Bowling Ball


Having Excellent Power And Traction

Provides Control For Accurate Shots

Attractive Look For Women/Man

Durability With High Performance


Not Perfect For Dry Oil Conditions

The Roto Grip Nuclear Cell 15lb bowling ball is a remarkable addition to any bowler’s arsenal. Its standout feature is the Nucleus core, which provides exceptional power and traction on the lanes. With the eTrax-P20 Pearl Reactive coverstock and a 1500-grit Polished finish, this ball offers a stunning pearl look that will catch everyone’s attention.

One of the Nuclear Cell’s greatest strengths is its grip. The ball offers excellent control, allowing bowlers to execute their shots confidently. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bowler, this ball will accommodate your style and deliver consistent performance. Additionally, the Nuclear Cell comes at a good price point, making it accessible to many bowlers.

When it comes to performance, the Nuclear Cell truly shines. Its hard-hitting nature ensures that pins go flying, delivering satisfying strikes. This ball is particularly effective on oily lanes, maximizing traction and power. Even after multiple games, the Nuclear Cell remains durable and retains its impressive performance, making it a reliable companion on the lanes.

The Columbia 300 White Dots Bowling Ball and the Roto Grip Nuclear Cell 15lb are excellent options for women seeking reliable performance and eye-catching design at an affordable price. The White Dots Bowling Ball is versatile, excelling in spare shots, and perfect for straight-line bowlers. Both balls provide consistent results on different lane conditions. The White Dots Ball performs well on the medium of drying lanes, while the Nuclear Cell offers maximum power and traction on oily lanes.

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Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

Best Durable Bowling Ball


 Predictable For Accuracy

Excellent For All Skill Level

Urethane Coverstock For Durability

Excellent Spare Ball


Have A Little Hook

The Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball suits novice and experienced bowlers seeking a reliable spare ball. Its vibrant urethane mix colors add a touch of style and ensure durability, making it an investment that will withstand the test of time. The U1S Pearl Urethane coverstock is an excellent addition, providing the ball with a smooth, predictable hook that consistently delivers accurate shots.

One standout feature is its symmetric core for perfect weight distribution. It allows bowlers to maintain control over their shots, improving accuracy and reducing chances of unexpected reactions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, this ball’s straight path and predictable performance will enhance your game and boost your confidence on the lanes.

The Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball is a game-changer in its reliability and versatility. Its durable urethane mix colors, U1S Pearl Urethane coverstock, and symmetric core provide bowlers with a high-quality ball that consistently delivers outstanding results. Whether you need a reliable spare ball or prefer a straight path for a more controlled approach, this bowling ball has you covered. With its exceptional durability and predictable performance, it’s an investment that will undoubtedly take your bowling skills to the next level.

Buying Guide: Bowling Balls for Women

Our buying guide for bowling balls is great because it helps you make an informed choice. We provide essential weight, material, grip, and coverstock information to match your skill level and style. With expert advice and easy-to-understand explanations, you’ll find the perfect ball to improve your game and have more fun on the lanes! Below are major factors to consider:

Playing Style

When choosing a bowling ball, consider your playing style. Some bowlers prefer a straight shot, while others like a ball with a strong hook. Pick a ball that matches your style to improve your game and have more fun.

Track Status 

Track status refers to the oil conditions on the bowling lanes. Different balls perform better on specific oil patterns. For dry lanes, choose a ball with less hook potential. For oily lanes, pick a ball with more traction and hook. 


Bowling balls come in various colors and patterns. While the design doesn’t affect performance, choosing a ball you like and feel confident using is essential. Pick a design that reflects your personality and style.


Selecting the right weight for your bowling ball is crucial for comfort and performance. A ball that’s too heavy can cause strain, while a ball that’s too light may not provide enough power. Generally, women’s bowling balls weigh between 10-14 pounds. Choose a weight that feels comfortable and allows you to maintain control. 


Bowling balls come in a wide range of prices. Set a budget and look for a ball that offers the best performance, design, and durability within your price range. Investing in a quality ball can enhance your bowling experience and improve your skills.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, a woman gets better control, better performance, increased comfort, and a personal touch when she invests in the right bowling ball. Having these factors together makes bowling more enjoyable for her and encourages her to keep playing.

Brad Finnearty
Brad Finnearty is a passionate bowler and a retired senior who has devoted his life to the sport he loves. With decades of experience, Brad is a well-respected authority within the bowling community. He is a member of several bowling leagues, has competed in numerous tournaments, and has even won a few championships along the way.