Can You Redrill a Bowling Ball?

Yes, you can redrill a bowling ball. The best part is that you can redrill it multiple times. However, it is better not to exceed more than 3 when it comes to redrilling. This will deteriorate the ball’s quality. Apart from that you can also plug in the bowling ball, but it depends on what you require in terms of performance. 

To get a detailed idea of redrilling the bowling ball and the steps you need to follow then keep reading this article. 

How Many Times Can I Redrill a Bowling Ball?

You can redrill the bowling ball around 3 times. Although the exact number of times is not fixed anywhere, it depends on different factors. Some of these factors are the ball condition, redrilling frequency, and pro shop expertise. 

Some bowlers mention they’ve changed their ball’s holes up to three times without any big issues. But, it’s important to know that each time you do this, it can mess a bit with the ball’s insides, possibly making it a bit weaker in the long run. 

To get the full scoop on how redrilling might affect your ball’s performance, it’s smart to chat with a pro. They can give you the lowdown on what’s best for your specific ball and playing style.

Plug or Redrill the Bowling Ball

When it comes to whether to plug or redrill your bowling ball, it all depends on what’s going on with your ball. These things happen quite a bit in a bowling ball’s life. Plugging is like a fixer-upper – you might do it if there’s a crack or if you want to try a new setup or make the ball fit your hand better. 

Redrilling, on the other hand, is like a makeover – it could be needed if your hand size changes or if someone new is using a pre-owned ball. The goal of both is to keep your ball working well, and bowlers often do them a few times as the ball keeps rolling along.

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How to Redrill a Bowling Ball?

When you redrill a bowling ball, it’s like giving it a makeover to fit your hand better. Here’s a simple guide on how it’s done:

  • Use a special tool to take out the old thumb pins and plug up the holes. Make the holes bigger until the old pin is out.
  • Measure where you want the new holes and mark those spots on the ball. Making sure they’re spaced right is super important for good performance.
  • Use a special drill made for bowling balls to make the new holes. This drill keeps things accurate and doesn’t mess up the ball’s structure.
  • Redrill the new holes to fit your hand just right. Adjust the drill bit size and angle, drilling the new holes at the perfect depth.

Remember, it’s smart to talk to a pro to make sure everything’s done right and won’t mess with how your bowling ball performs.

You can check this video for a detailed guide on redrilling the bowling ball. 

Tips While Redrilling the Bowling Ball

Redrilling Bowling Ball
Source: National Bowling Academy

When you’re redoing the holes in your bowling ball, here are some simple tips to make sure it goes well and doesn’t mess up how your ball works:

Pick the right ball: Choose a ball that fits your bowling style and feels good to you. Think about things like how heavy it is and what it’s made of.

Talk to a pro: It’s a good idea to chat with someone at the bowling shop who knows their stuff. They can make sure the redoing process is done right and won’t mess up your ball.

Mark the new holes: Figure out where you want the new holes and mark those spots on the ball. This makes sure everything lines up and is spaced just right.

Use the right tools: Make sure to use a special bowling ball drill with the right bit for your thumb width. Using a regular drill might hurt your ball.

Take it slow and check the depth: Drill the hole slowly at the angle you want, and keep checking how deep it is. This helps you avoid drilling too far.

Switch bits and check finger holes: Change the drill bit and make the finger holes, checking the depth often. This makes sure they’re just right.

Smooth the holes: After drilling, smooth the holes with sandpaper to make sure they’re comfy.

Keep the ball in good shape: Whether your ball is shiny or not, make sure to keep it in good condition. If it’s shiny, polish it again after about ten games of bowling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Does it Cost to Plug and Redrill a Bowling Ball?

It should take you around $15 to $20 to plug and redrill the bowling ball. But then again the overall service depends on the type of drilling the bowling ball gets. In some cases, it might go as high as $40 to $60. 

Can You Drill New Holes in Bowling Ball?

Yes, you can drill new holes in the bowling ball. The best place to do this is in a pro shop where professionals take care of it. When they drill these new holes, they make sure the arrangement suits your hand comfortably and matches how you like to bowl. It’s all about making your bowling experience just right for you!

Can Bowling Ball Holes Be Resized?

Yes, bowling ball holes can be resized. You can fill up the current holes and then drill new ones in the size you need. People do this a lot, especially if their hand size changes or if they’re passing a used ball to someone new, making sure it fits them just right. 


In conclusion, you can redrill a bowling ball. But this step requires proficiency and proper skills in using the machine. Make sure that you know what you are doing and consult professionals if you are not comfortable working with different tools.

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